Rough Diamonds

Angolan / Guinea /Congo / Mozambique Diamonds Coming Soon !

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Angola rough diamonds

Antwerp – The Silicon Valley for diamonds

92 % of world rough diamond production travels through Antwerp . Because of Covid Lockdown and need to continue the trade, many mining companies globally have accepted Tenders as a sale option .

Today Antwerp holds many tenders for rough diamonds during the month . Many tender houses have their own facilities well equipped and Antwerp diamond registered companies operation with rough can use AWDC facilities also . The entry for buyers in a tender is made by invitation only .

We our selves hold Tenders for some small mining companies in Antwerp .

Online Tenders with physical inspection are the future , this way Buyers don’t have to move out of the office from their location .They can concentrate on their business and skip all the travelling fuss . Online Tenders are a fully transparent procedure .

Mining companies can contact us for Tender service , we have partnerships with Big tender houses and we can perform a good tender sale with a good quantity of online attendees .

If you want to join our Tender service pls contact us direct .

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