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Antwerp – The Capital of the World for diamonds

92 % of world rough diamond production travels through Antwerp. Because of Covid Lockdown and the need to continue the trade, many mining companies globally have accepted Tenders as a sale option.

Today Antwerp holds many tenders for rough diamonds during the month. Many tender houses have their own facilities well equipped and Antwerp diamond registered companies operation with rough can use AWDC facilities also. The entry for buyers in a tender is made by invitation only.

We ourselves hold Tenders for some small mining companies in Antwerp.

Online Tenders with physical inspection are the future, this way Buyers don’t have to move out of the office from their location. They can concentrate on their business and skip all the traveling fuss. Online Tenders are a fully transparent procedure.

Mining companies can contact us for Tender service, we have partnerships with Big tender houses and we can perform a good tender sale with a good quantity of online attendees.

If you want to join our Tender service pls contact us direct.

DIAMONDSTENDER ( Vitor Rita Diamond Trader -11341 )

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