When you buy Rough or Polished diamonds from us we can give credit for 30 to 60 days.

Our company has signed a contract with an American fund ( HH) to get you diamonds financed.

Pre-approved credit line.

Your company needs to have a pre-approved credit line under the following conditions.

1. You must be a company with a yearly turnover of above 7 million USD.

2. To approve your credit, The fund might ask for balance sheets for the last 3 years.

3. Your company should be in a diamond-related business.

Rough from tenders can be financed too

4. If you can meet these conditions then contact us.

Credit finance your own parcels.

A Credit finance a diamond mine production

B Credit finance your jewelry production

C Credit finance a tender sales

D Credit finance Lag Grown diamonds

Interest rate : Will be charged monthly

Grow your business

Its a good opportunity to grow your business and your sales.

Our fund has up to $100 million to finance the run of mine tender sales.

Mining companies can sell on a tender to your clients and have us finance your sales.

Contact us for a more detailed explanation

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