We have a Start-Up Club for Investors

We at our company are open to working with small investors ( Partners) with a minimum capital of 25.000 € to 1.000.000 € max, on a Joint Venture partnership, where investors will hold 62.5 % of capital and we will hold 37.5%. We will work to grow together to get the highest ROI on every trade we make under that Joint venture partnership.

All Joint Ventures have to be officially registered in Belgium

  1. We will do all the work on the ground in Antwerp from buying the rough, planning, cutting, polishing, certifying, and global selling.

2. Investor will participate with capital and run the financial management of the joint venture.

If for some reason the investor ( Partner ) does not want to handle the Financial part of the partnership, then we will appoint together a responsible person to handle all financial management.

3. The Joint Venture partnership is for a period of 1 to 5 Years.

4. The results on investment are analyzed every 3 months.

Do you want to join us on a joint venture? send us an email with your info below.

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