Welcome to Antwerp

“The World Capital for Diamond Business”

We are a Diamond trading company fully licensed to work in Antwerp.

Antwerp has today about 1700 Companies in AWDC diamond center. We call it ” The Silicon Valley For Diamonds ” because there are companies and services for all that is related to diamonds.

Diamond Tenders, Diamond Trading Houses, Diamond Cutting, and Polishing Factories, Gemological Services, Jewelry Manufactories, Machines & Tools Services, Manufacturing Services, Transport and Security, Technological Development, Gem traders, and Diamond and Jewelry Shops.

Antwerp Capital of Diamonds for 570 Years

The City of Antwerp has a rich diamond history dating back as far as 1447, developing over the centuries into the world’s leading diamond trading center it is today. Its reputation is so widely recognized that Antwerp has become synonymous with diamonds internationally. The City considers it’s a diamond industry one of Antwerp’s leading USPs, highlighting diamonds as a key ingredient in its recipe for promotional success.

Antwerp Diamond District

Rough Diamond tender, January of 2023

diamonds tenders and auctions visit our platforms

We will tender your diamonds for you, contact us.


What do we do Exactly ( our service for you includes )

  1. Diamond Tender of rough diamonds for all sizes, all qualities in any quantity.
  2. Cutting and Polishing diamonds.
  3. Cutting and polishing with some patent cuts.
  4. Certifying the cut diamonds with GIA/IGI/ HRD.
  5. Making Auctions of polished diamonds to fast sell.
  6. Partnerships with jewelry companies globally.
  7. Local partnership on diamond and gem export offices. ( mainly Africa /brazil )
  8. Global sales of polished diamonds.

If this service is what you need pls contact us below.

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