Diamonds into blockchain into tokens

Technology is changing the World

We are working in a development project to digitalize natural quality diamonds into blockchain technology

This will permit us to launch what is called a Stablecoin. This is a token that has diamonds backing up the transactions as a guarantee.

Digitalizing a diamond has been a challenge!

So we have come up with a way to create a digital fully certified and controlled diamond vault.

We are still developing this vault, but it is a secured, unbreakable, stable, highly technological vault containing diamonds of investment-grade quality :

Size 1 carat and up

Color D to J

Clarity IF to VS”

Certified by GIA

Audited by an independent international company

100 % Insured.

Deposited in a secure technological vault inside a Free Zone ( no taxes added ).

The blockchain technology

Its is secured technology , immutable

We are building our Blockchain on top of a very strong and scalable system .

This will permit us to do thousands of transactions per minute. The big problem in 99% of the blockchains for example BTC /7 transactions per second ETH /17 per second and with high costs is they are not scalable for mass adoption.

Now, to make it adaptable to the market it needs to scale, or it will never be adopted as a system for secure payment.

Our apps will be very easy to use too.

Our NFT market will be created for the NFT trading geeks with the Diamond Vaults being each unique with its own unique diamonds inside. (We are designing this at moment ).

We will have a full license in Europe for Crypto companies, Exchange & Banking services.

All with Natural diamonds backing the tokens.

We will not issue white papers or any other info outside our shareholders, for security reasons “We believe secrets are still the success of business “.

We will not make an ICO or other type of participation token offering to raise capital.

We are raising capital up to € 10 Million for this project with partners taking shares in the company.

Partners take shares in the companies

So if you want to talk to us to come in as a partner with a minimum of € 200.000 then you can call us.

What’sapp +32467683529

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