” The Big Bang” Natural round diamond with 14.12cts

I believe that you don’t choose a diamond but the diamond chooses you. We have found one! This specimen has an age of over 3 billion years or may even date so far back as the “Big Bang” itself, who knows! Incredible !! We could not cut or polish it with normal machines because it is so hard in its Carbon atom structure, it just doesn’t allow us to alter it in any way, so we decided to keep it Natural and make a unique designer’s jewelry piece.

“The Big Bang ” Jewel

It is composed of a spherical extra hard natural diamond, 14.12 Carats in weight , 18 K Yellow Gold and a 1 carat Natural diamond with color K and VVS clarity certified in a reverse-set position ( upside-down ) and 4 natural diamonds 0.50 CT in size on top in an inverted position too. This is to demonstrate how the Carbon atoms composition of this round diamond captured in the center of the gold structure is pointing out and that is why it makes it so strong ( indestructible ), therefore unable to cut and polish.

The Natural diamond 14.12 ct

“The highest Spiritual link between a human and this energy jewel will take this diamond jewel home. Let´s leave the financial side of it out for this one ” .

Imagine all the secrets that this diamond must be holding inside. It does not allow us to break it open and read its soul, and that is the result of extreme high temperature and high pressure this diamond went through for billions of years, to now surface out and choose its soul mate. The unique human this diamond will choose . I believe God has created this diamond for someone really special who was chosen a few millions years back . So we are not going to sell it to the highest financial bidder , but only to that one person holding the highest spiritual interlink with this diamond.

How will we know who the future owner is going to be , some may ask ? I am myself a spiritual man and I believe that the diamond will choose its Soul Mate and give me the signal for whom it has chosen .
We determined a value number based on costs which is xxxxxxx and whoever offers that exact number will take the jewel . This would be the perfect sign that The Link should be there .
At the bottom of this page is the contact form where you can type in the number, or “the Perfect mathematical Number , may I say. ” based on these 9 characters ” 00.000.00 ” (number includes cents) .

The Diamond that looks like a moon under the light .

If you don’t think this is extraordinary , then you don’t qualify for this one .

The designing process for the special jewel

We have been working on this diamond since we bought it on October 2020, in Antwerp .

I discussed many ideas with investors and some of my diamond and jewelry colleagues and we decided to cut and polish to see inside, in search of its hidden soul . It went from company to company and all said that they cannot polish it, as it just doesn’t any of their machines break the window . It is so hard, it turns the polishing wheels on fire . We could try doing it with a laser , cut it in half and try polishing it from there but if it doesn’t work out properly we would destroy an incredible piece of nature and history . This diamond does not want us to break in , so why not keep its soul enclosed ?

So i thought lets make something different and special that can show the world a unique piece of jewelry .

Called in ,a Jewelry Designer that works with us on special creations ” Andrei Maftei ” and in a few weeks we developed a few concepts for this Special diamond that would fit exactly his wishes. ” see below “.

first ideas in march 2021
other options come up
other ideas and options were designed
" the big bang jewel "
finally the diamond was talking to us and telling us what he wanted ,
Yellow gold as it comes from the earths center represents the planet earth

Design explanation of this jewel

Yellow gold structure – represents the earth ( precious , protective and strong )

4 diamonds on top inverted – the light of the 4 diamonds goes back through the table back to the round diamond making it the center of the attention .

The inverse diamonds represents the Carbon atoms of this center round diamond composition which point outwards from the center making it very hard to cut and polish .

The inverted Dimond at the bottom is a symbol of a time pendulum representing time from beginning to eternity. ” When all humanity will be gone I will still be here in the center of it all registering time for eternity ” .

Only Natural diamonds …

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