Cut & Polish your rough diamonds

Rough diamonds have low value before they are cut and polished. The big issue is who do we sell it to after it is polished, and how well polished it is because all is added value.

The color of the diamond is very important to add value ( D.E:F: G etc ) .

The clarity of a diamond is not less important to ad value ( IF: VVS1:vvs2:Vs1 and so on ).

The fluorescence o a diamond is also extremely important when the time for sale arrives.

The certification of a diamond will contain all the above, plus the cut and polishing grade.

See the images below to understand the process.

This whole process takes about 45 days to conclude, all the above is smooth when it comes to selling then you need to have top channels to commercialize your diamonds, and sometimes takes months or years.

We at Vitor Rita Diamond Traders located in Antwerp have the experience and the channels to do all of this for you.

Bring your diamonds to us and we will make them shine, and bring you back the added value. We charge for our services but you will be happy as hundreds of clients are happy now.



IF you dont have the experience to do all of this , then contact us below, we will do it for you .

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